Forum Title: Air in hot pipes
I need some more heads on this.. I've recently installed a new gas wh. Have been called back because customer is getting air out of upstairs bathroom pipes when they first turn it one. Wh was installed back in Jan and more then enough water has been ran through pipes so I know that's not it So first time called out checked water temp it was 180 at tap but wh set at 125 so replaced gas control valve and said call back if that don't fix it Customer called back and had same complaint about air still. Went back out and tested temp it was 145 at Tap and 125 set at wh. Ordered another gas control valve from ruud. While there made sure there was not a second wh in home also no recir line anywhere I'm assuming this is not going to fix the issue my question is any thoughts what could be causing this I find it weird I would have 3 faulty control valves
Category: Plumber Post By: RON VAUGHN (Roseville, CA), 08/07/2016

what make model size water heater does it have an expansion tank? if so, how is it plumbed ? what is the setting on the pop off?

- JOY TERRY (Riviera Beach, FL), 09/08/2017

huh...only thing i can think of is the anode...does the air/water smell like rotten eggs or any smell

- FRANCIS JACOBS (Lakewood, CA), 09/19/2017

It's a 50 gallon ruud : prog50-40n ru62 No expansion tank which old kind did not have one either Plumbing is copper

- MARTHA BAKER (Waltham, MA), 10/07/2017

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