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many here know me as a bit of a tinkerer, i will tear anything apart to see how it works and if i can repurpose it, i will the tubing on my insta hot at the kitchen sink, melted, wore out. the unit is is over 10 years old. so, i tore it apart and repiped it with 3/8'' copper in stead of the 1/4'' tubing . replace all 4 lines. the difference in volume between 1/4'' and 3/8'' is amazing. according to "government" literature the difference in volume is miniscule NOT!!
Category: Plumber Post By: CHRISTINE CAMPBELL (Independence, MO), 07/22/2017

So your tubing area went from .05 square inches increased to .44 square inches. I would think that you should expect a huge improvement in going from .5 GPM up to 2 GPM. That gummint litrichure be danged!

- KATHERINE ROGERS (Puyallup, WA), 09/08/2017

i dont!!!!!! glad my insta hot is fixed. it makes cleaning glass containers a whole lot easier

- DAISY PAUL (Clifton, NJ), 09/10/2017

Told you to never trust the government.

- BOBBIE RODGERS (Terre Haute, IN), 10/05/2017

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