Forum Title: Gate valve? How would I fix leaking from the stem when the valve us on?
The valve might not have been operated/used for quite a while. No leakage while the valve is off. When it is turned on, water leaks from the stem. There does not seem to be a packing nut on the valve. I tend to believe it to be a gate valve. Can somebody help confirm? If yes, how can I fix the leakage?
Category: Plumber Post By: Patrick J. Mosner (Lowell, MA), 10/30/2016

Not a gate valve. Just replace it. You can use a 5/8 compression valve. just cut the old on off. You only need 2 wrenches to put the new one on. Or turn off main water. unscrew the stem cap. probably an 0-ring on the stem.

- FRANCISCO HANSON (Long Beach, NY), 09/25/2017

Sometimes you can take a length of teflon tape, lay it out on a table and roll it up long ways like a piece of spaghetti, remove the nut and wrap the teflon tape around the stem. It has worked for me

- RUTH THOMPSON (Bayonne, NJ), 10/13/2017

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