Forum Title: Moving Kitchen Sink Drain Lower, can I swap with the stand tube??
Good day! Looking for some help. I honestly have tried to have plumbers come out and do this but no luck where I live. I am doing a kitchen remodel and the new sink sits 3 inches lower. The current drain disposal height is just at the drain wall level so it needs to be lowered. I figure these are my options: -Switch the stand tube and the drain? (This will lower the drain 4+ inches and have least amount of work question is if this is okay to have the vent and stuff above the drain instead of below wherever they meet up at? -Use only the current stand tube and put a splitter that one end goes to stand tube and other goes to drain? -Tear some of the wall up to find where these pipes meet the vertical tube and then add a split for a new drain or stand pipe?
Category: Plumber Post By: TANYA PARK (Inglewood, CA), 06/29/2017

Dishwasher drain (only when installed) and a RO filter waste. The house location is an island so I would guess that stand tube was installed for a reason such as a vent. Thanks!

- ROSS NAVARRO (St. Clair Shores, MI), 09/09/2017

what is draining into that stand pipe ?

- RUSSELL CRUZ (Plainfield, IL), 09/24/2017

abandon the top pipe. remove ptrap and install a plug/ screw cap on the bottom pipe. remove the ptrap. install a 1 1/2 trap adaptor install a a slip joint ptrap in the adapter. directly on top of the trap. install 2 1 1/2'' wye branch tail pieces . you will have to cut them to fit hook ro and dishwasher to theses y branch tail piece

- ESTHER BISHOP (Farmington Hills, MI), 09/29/2017

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