Forum Title: Odd setup on emergency water tank
Hi all, first time poster. I have a large water tank that I need to hook in to for both general potable water, and for fire suppression. For fire suppression, it has a 4" female NPT outlet. I need to reduce this to 2 1/2" male NPT and install a gate valve. I am looking for a supplier for the reducer bushing, and the valve. I would prefer brass, but struggling so much that I'll take whatever I can get. For the potable water aspect, I have 2" female NPT ports for both the inlet and outlet. Clearly for a domestic supply I do not need 2" pipe, so I'm happy to reduce that down. However to make it more complicated, I need to be able to pass the pipe THROUGH the port, not just have connected to the outside. The reason being that the inlet needs to have a float valve inside the tank (with a calmed inlet), and the outlet needs to have a floating pickup inside the tank. I cannot find a fitting that will thread on to the port, but allow the pipe to pass cleanly through. I spent some time trying things like 1 1/2" PVC inside 2" PVC etc, but cannot find anything that fits tight enough. Can anyone help me with the correct terms for these kinds of fittings, or a supplier I try? This image describes the non fire aspect well. Many thanks
Category: Plumber Post By: TROY JENSEN (Clearwater, FL), 01/25/2016

Unfortunately not. The tank is galv steel, and the NPT threaded ports are already installed (welded on), so bulkhead fittings aren't what I want. Basically I need a 2 NPT threaded adapter, to a 1 1/2 slip. The part I'm struggling with is one where the pipe can pass all the way through, instead of just hang off one side.

- EDWARD THOMPSON (Taylorsville, UT), 10/04/2017

are you looking for a bulk head fitting ? I would use all sch 80 plastic, then transition to what ever you want after the tank

- ANNIE PERRY (Bremerton, WA), 10/05/2017

the reducer was a small stop to keep the pipe from sliding thru...dremel the stop away or 2 1/ get the concept of my idea...will it work for you

- SAMANTHA VALDEZ (Albany, GA), 10/12/2017

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