Forum Title: Pin hole leak in ancient galvanized main
Hi folks, I have a small leak in my old galvanized water main. The leak seems to be right at what was ground level, I have excavated dirt down about 5 inches around the suspected area. I have read about pipe clamps. I have also seen suggestions for using gasket material and hose clamps. The problem however is that the pipe is lumpy, bumpy, and pitted from the corrosion. I can't imagine the gasket material would create enough of a seal around this uneven surface. I could be wrong about that of course. I just don't dare do much to even out this surface, fearing that the pipe could just crumble. I know the long term fix is to dig out the pipe until I get to a sound area, cut out the corroded part and replace but I am just not prepared to do that right now. I just need to keep my water running for now without spilling gallons under my back porch and running my well pump. I am turning off the main valve from the well tank at night and if I know I'm not going to use water for a while so I am trying to keep the area from being constantly damp and muddy. Today when I came home from work after having the water off all day, it was relatively dry around the leak so I know I can get things dry enough to do some sort of fix. Any suggestions for a filler around this pitty pipe? Or is the pipe clamp/hose clamp option likely to succeed even if the gasket material is not flush to the pipe? Thanks so much for reading and advising.
Category: Plumber Post By: YOLANDA ORTEGA (Thornton, CO), 02/13/2017

use a dresser coupling you cut the pipe in half, slide the dresser on the pipe and tighten it up

- ROSA CHAPMAN (Tracy, CA), 09/01/2017

Thank you djmayhill. I will do a clamp for now. I have been reading again about PEX and Sharkbites. I successfully replaced another corroded section of the galvanized that was further down the line with these materials several years ago now. I think I can do it again with this section. I have access to one threaded joint but don't know how far I will have to dig to get to another threaded joint. Does anyone know if I can connect the PEX to just a cut end of galvanized, not a threaded end? This new section would also be running underground for a few feet. I have not run across information about using the PEX and Sharkbite connectors underground. Advice appreciated. Thank you.

- APRIL OLIVER (Rockville, MD), 09/03/2017

U really need to replace the whole pipe. If your not going to do that put a clamp on it. If it drips a little that will at least hold u over till you replace the pipe. Those clamps are tricky if u over tight you can crumble the pipe

- IRENE WATSON (Longview, WA), 10/10/2017

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